Post Production and Studio Sound
" What about dark rooms with no windows???...."


  Pete has been working with non-linear sound editorial/mixing systems since 1992, first as a beta site for the at that time new ProTools multitrack sound system. This work produced the 1992 film "Ruby in Paridise", among the first films with complete sound editorial executed on a personal computer.

Pro Tools Pro Mix cinsole
Mix to Picture
  The Mixing stage at Winterstone Productions is a 5.1 tuned room with sync to picture projection playback. Based on the ProTools HD non-linear recording system, up to 128 tracks are available on the stage, with additional systems available for online locking - along with a variety of plugin and outboard gear. Final mix/stems can be printed to hard drive or to tape based media.


mix station

Sound Design/Editorial
  In additon to the mixing stage, several sound edit stations are available for sound cutting. An isolation room with picture playback for Voice Over, ADR and Foley recording is adjacent the Mix Theater. For sweetening, there are a variety of effects and music libraries.


Music Mixing/Mastering -
  The Mixing Stage can be configured for 5.1 or Stereo mixing, with tuned programmable room equalization, (Film EQ x-curve and flat for music monitoring). Class A microphone pre-amplifiers along with a stable of studio grade microphones from manufacturers such as Neuman, AKG and Schoeps make for clean signal digitizing. A variety of plug-in's are available for eq, effects and level matching, with analogue inserts available for those special needs.
  Mastering is the final step in television or music projects that makes your final mixes stand out, from eq matching to that final tweek of compression. This step keeps all your mixes intact, while at the same time bringing your hard work "out front"